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Garage Door Installation

Garage Door Installation Simi Valley CA
If it is time to replace your old garage door, and install a new overhead garage door, this article can help you make the right decisions on your way to a new overhead garage door. We are located in Simi Valley CA, but this article can be used for anyone who plan to purchase and install a new garage door. You may be looking for a new garage door in Los Angeles, a new garage door installation, our experts are ready for task.
But before we get into the new garage door and the garage door installation, we first need to determine whether you really need a new garage door, and what are the reasons to replace the current door. And in order to answer that, we need to first answer an important question that every garage door technician in Simi Valley CA need to answer almost every day while servicing garage doors: Repair or replace the garage door?. We will take an example of a customer who called about garage door repairs Los Angeles, and told us that the door need some minor repairs.
But!! The door couldn’t be repaired:
When the customer called us, he described the problem this way: The door suddenly stopped working, I think that the cable snapped. Now let’s make it clear, cable replacement is something we do almost every day during our garage door services. But when our garage door technician arrived, he found a door in a terrible condition, that no garage door repairman who respect himself will even consider repairing. And the reasons why we will not repair the door can move between safety reasons, to cost vs value.
You may wonder why we will choose not to fix the door, and we will recommend to replace it, so we took pictures of the door, and we will present here so you will understand. Even if you are not a qualified garage door technician, you can see that this door in such a bad condition that it just cannot be fixed. We do offer same day garage door repairs in Los Angeles, like garage door repair in Los Angeles, or garage door repair in Calabasas Los Angeles, but there is one thing we will never do, and that is to break a safety guidelines. There are written rules about garage door safety, and there are unwritten rules. And both of them is what guide us during our overhead doors services.
Here is the broken door that we refused to repair:

Repairing the door isn’t always the wisest decision!

Yes, sometime fixing the broken garage door may cost you more than completely replacing the door. In most cases, when it comes to garage door repair, the condition of the existing garage door is what help us determine if replacing the existing door is the best choice.
We wish that all the overhead garage door need to work again is some adjustments, and replacing few parts, then for sure you should keep the existing door, and not even considering to replace it. But if the door is rotten, have many broken parts (especially when it comes to broken panels, tracks or frame), then maybe it is better for you to consider to replace the whole garage door.  A new garage door will probably cost you less than it would cost you to repair the door, but if you look at it as an investment for many years, you may find that fixing the overhead door is the right choice for you. Not only that you will get a new garage door, but you also may save money that you would spend on a garage door that may break again soon. So if your garage door is broken, and needs thorough repairs, think twice if repairing it will be the best thing to do.

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